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Power Generation

Fire protection for the largest coal-fire plant to the smallest compartmentalized gas turbines

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Electric power generation is done at central generating stations in a variety of ways, in a variety of different types of facilities. The largest power generators are steam electric plants wherein the fuels can be nuclear, fossil, or refuse based.


Power generation facilities all represent significant and varied fire hazards, from both the fuel and the rotating machinery. Fire also poses a significant business risk in the industry, not only because power plants are a major capital investment, but also because downtime can have serious repercussions for those who depend on an uninterrupted supply of electricity.



 - Cable Trays

 - Control Rooms

 - Fuel Oil Tanks

 - Generators

 - Lube Oil Tanks

 - Storage Sheds

 - Substations

 - Switchgear and Cable Rooms

 - Turbines


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